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Sussanne Khan has practiced the art of interior and product design for many years, and has an Associate Degree in Interior Design from Brooks College, Long Beach, California.

Over her 15 years of working with clients across the world, and with materials wide and varied, Sussanne has learned that there are no rules in design. If one can imagine it, one can create it. It's all about the details.

It is this very learning and experience that has enabled her to create some of the most exquisite living spaces - including that of Philippe Starck's yoopune residences.

At yoopune, Sussanne has recreated the look of a vintage library using suave velvet and leather furnishings, and bold prints and pieces that are emblematic of her Victorian aesthetic. The result of which is a plush sanctuary of the well-heeled and well-travelled.

Living Room

Entrance Foyer


Family Lounge

Master Bedroom - Sitting Area

Master Bedroom